Mixed social November

Holy shitballs it’s getting cold. As the windows are starting to fog up during training and the sun goes down earlier and earlier we turn towards the warming hearts of our fellow associations.

Coming Thursday, the 8th of November we’ve got a new mixed social scheduled! Even though we had a blast at Kult, we will go back to Buckshot (Gedempte Zuiderdiep 58) for an evening.Feel free to bring board/drinking games to maximize the fun!
We’ll start the fun at 21:30, toasting to the nearing end of the exam week.

See you there!

Fight team

Soon we are going to start recruitment for a Fight Team. This is open to people who are dedicated, a little more experienced and interested in competition. We want to bring people together in a team with the same dedication, working towards the same goal and helping each other out to reach those goals. In the fight team, you are going to do more and tougher trainings with other people in the team in order to get you ready for competition. This team requires a good basic skill set and the coaches decide who is experienced enough to join the fight team.
If you are interested, but hesitant because you don’t have much time to train, we still invite you to talk to us, because dedication is more important than time and we can figure something out with the time you DO have available.
If you are unsure about whether your level is good enough for the fight team, we also still invite you to come to us, because if we think you need to work on your techniques before joining the fight team, we can tell you what has to improve and it is also interesting for us to know who is interested in competition. If you are not yet at the level for the fight team yet, it doesn’t mean that you can’t join the fight team this year anymore. If you show us improvement, we will let you in as soon as you show that you are ready.
We will announce this for the coming 2 weeks, at the end of the recruitment we will have an assessment training, so everyone can see who is in the fight team and make a plan for the coming period.
If you are interested, contact Tom or Sander and we will discuss with the coaches if you are being recruited for the fight team.

No training

Dear members,

Due to the unavailability of our grappling trainers we have to cancel tonight’s training.
Tomorrow training will resume as usual.

Kind regards,
The board

Upcoming events

Mixed social october

Pumpkin spice and spooky creatures are right around the corner, which means that it’s October already!
To celebrate the fact that we don’t have to go out in the cold to do our sports we’re going to have another mixed social with the other inside associations;  Noordpole, Northside Barbell and Pugilice. (It’s also a good time to discuss the amazing UFC card from last weekend!)

So coming thursday we’re gonna drink some nice drinks in Kult (Steentilstraat 36-1) at 21:30.

So grab a jacket, grab a friend, and join us!

Hungry Fighters

We would like to invite you to our first Deltaserat gathering this year! We plan on assaulting Vapiano this time, with all our force and spirit, so come and join the team and leave no leftovers behind!

The dinner will take place on the 25th of September, at 20:00 – just after the grappling training! ( There are also vegetarian options in the menu ). PLEASE BE THERE ON TIME AS WE START ORDERING THE FOOD ABOUT 8:30!

If you don’t plan on eating, you can still join of course and mingle among us, having a great time!

About the place : Vapiano is a very popular student spot, it’s really huge and it specializes in Italian pasta and pizza! The average price is about 8 to 10 euros !

Once again a small remainder that we meet on Tuesday, 25th at 8:00 PM. AT 8:30 WE START TO ORDER!

Have a great rest of the week and hope to see everybody at the event!

Mixed Social September

It’s the second Thursday of the month – so it’s time for the monthly drinks again!! As the first mixed social of the month, we are bound to meet a lot of new people. This time, we will be hosted by the Buckshot Café, which has both seating for chilling and talking, as well as room and music to dance!

With the four best sports associations the evening is bound to be legendary!

Location: Buckshot, Gedempte Zuiderdiep 58

Date: 13-09

Time: 22:00

We will see you there!

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