Frysian Warriors 25-05

This Saturday Nynke, Vlad and hopefully Sjouke will have their first fights at the fighting gala “Friesche Strijders” in Burgum. We are going to support them with a big group and cheer them to victory!

If you are interested in joining the support-group contact the board at or come to one of the board members during training.

Cancelled training

Dear members,
From tonight until monday evening there will be no regular training.

This evening and tomorrow we will however open the dojo (during regular training hours) for the people who want to work on their technique, do some light sparring or just want to stretch or socialize.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend and see you tonight/tomorrow/Tuesday!

Mixed social April

Oh hey; look at that! The sun is out! That must mean it’s April.
It’s time for the mixed social of April!

Thursday the 11th of April we will be going for drinks again with our favourite friends from Northside, Noordpole, Pugilicé and Fairplay.

As usual we will be chilling at Allround where you can have some beers; play some pool; throw some darts and much more! We’ll be there at 2130 if you can’t find us downstairs try to find us upstairs in the pool area!

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Upcoming events

ACLO GALA / Papa Joe’s (7th of February)

A very cool poster that says 'open bar' two times.

Can you hear the sound of music? Can you hear the dancing in the dark?

That’s because the ACLO Gala is coming up!

Just like every year we are planning to go with a big group to the ACLO Gala and have a big party. Will you be part of the group that creates history this year?

The theme is Burlesque; so get fancy and suit/dress up!

Tickets can be bought online here and cost €26,21; in return there’s an open bar, you can get some cool pictures taken and there will be various awesome and astonishing acts.
The doors of Huize Maas open at 22:30.

But before these doors open; we will go to Papa Joe’s! Get some foundation for the drinks to drop on. As is tradition we will get some damn good burgers before going to the gala together. We’ve been informed that we can’t pay separately, so please bring some cash! (and look at the menu beforehand so you know how much to bring 😉 ) You can sign up to join in the poll in our facebook event.

See you there!

Mixed social November

Holy shitballs it’s getting cold. As the windows are starting to fog up during training and the sun goes down earlier and earlier we turn towards the warming hearts of our fellow associations.

Coming Thursday, the 8th of November we’ve got a new mixed social scheduled! Even though we had a blast at Kult, we will go back to Buckshot (Gedempte Zuiderdiep 58) for an evening.Feel free to bring board/drinking games to maximize the fun!
We’ll start the fun at 21:30, toasting to the nearing end of the exam week.

See you there!

Mixed social october

Pumpkin spice and spooky creatures are right around the corner, which means that it’s October already!
To celebrate the fact that we don’t have to go out in the cold to do our sports we’re going to have another mixed social with the other inside associations;  Noordpole, Northside Barbell and Pugilice. (It’s also a good time to discuss the amazing UFC card from last weekend!)

So coming thursday we’re gonna drink some nice drinks in Kult (Steentilstraat 36-1) at 21:30.

So grab a jacket, grab a friend, and join us!

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