How well have you practiced your moves? Are you ready to take on your fellow grapplers?
Every now and then we host a Deltaserat-only grappling tournament, it’s a perfect way to measure your improvement and see the improvement of your training buddies.

All levels are welcome! Did you just start or have a shit-ton of experience? Doesn’t matter! We will make the brackets in such a way that it’s fair to everyone. Weights will also be considered, as it would not be fair to put someone of 50 kilo’s against someone of 120. But to be able to create these brackets on time we would like everyone to sign up here, in our facebook group, or by contacting one of the boardmembers.

It will take place in our dojo during the normal Kickboxing training, which means that THE NORMAL TRAINING WILL BE CANCELED !

The tournament will start at 15:30 and if you participate we advice you to come at 15:00 in order to get your measurements and prepare your group beforehand!

We will videotape it for you to analyse the footage and get even better! (or to show it to your friends/mom/dog)

See you there!

Grappling tournament – Saturday 24th of November
1500 weigh-in ; 1530 start tournament